Installing Follow You Printing on Mac 10.9 or Newer


Setting up Follow You Printing on a Mac device is a bit more involved, but still simple to do.


Ensure you are connected to MSOE or MSOEcert, not MSOE-Guest.

Navigate to System Preferences -> Print and Scan. Click the + button to add a new printer. Control-Click on the Toolbar and select Customize Toolbar.... Drag the Advanced icon onto the bar, then click the newly added Advanced button. Select the Windows printer via spoolss device type.

Enter a Device URL. Mac OS 10.9 (Mavericks) through 10.13 (High Sierra) are confirmed to work with the syntax as follows, this may work with other OS’s that define the printer type as “Windows printer via spoolss”. Make sure that there are no spaces after the syntax if you copy and paste from this document.


**NOTE: If smb://printers.ad.msoe.edu/FollowYouPrinting as shown in the picture fails, please make sure to use '-' (dash) in between the words 'FollowYouPrinting' as shown above the picture (smb://printers.ad.msoe.edu/Follow-You-Printing)

The Name field will automatically fill with “printers.ad.msoe.edu” if it recognizes the syntax. Choose a driver for this printer by pulling down the drop-down box and selecting Generic PCL Printer. Click the Add button.

Open a document and print. Select “printers.ad.msoe.edu” as the printer. The first time printing, your will be prompted to enter your MSOE domain username and password.  Mac OS X will autofill this window with the name of your local account, which will not work! The username must be the MSOE domain username only. Neither "AD\username" or "username@msoe.edu" will work.

By checking the "Remember this password in my keychain" box, your credentials will be saved, allowing you to print subsequently without manually authenticating. 

Whenever you change your MSOE account password you will have to manually update your password in Keychain Access. This program is located in the Utilities folder. 

Use the search bar (in the upper right-hand corner) to search for "printers" and double-click on "printers.ad.msoe.edu" 

Click the "show password" box and you'll be prompted to use your local Mac OS X credentials. Once you can see your old password, clear it and replace it with your new password. When prompted, click "Save Changes"

Updated: 1/4/19

Reviewed:  8/12/2019