In the case that a student needs to use their own paper (Ex: printing resumes on resume paper) there is a proper protocol to be followed in order to ensure that the printer does not suffer unnecessary damages.

Above is a picture of a normal printer, as one would use for any normal campus print jobs, normally for printing out homework or other class related materials.


Step 1:

Open the printer's Bypass Tray (technically denoted as tray 4). This tray is located on the left side of the printer, and folds down to rest on top of the small box-like apparatus that can be seen in the bottom right of the picture above. When folded down it looks like this:

Keep in mind that the bypass tray is located on the face of the printer that makes a right angle with the like of brochures in the picture at the beginning of the article. The bypass tray is a lighter plastic than the rest of the face and is pulled down by an indentation at the top of the tray.




Step 2: Place Your Paper Inside the Bypass Tray

it Next, take your personal paper, and place it inside of the tray like so: If you're planning to print on letterhead, pay attention to the instructions printed in the blue and white boxes on the inside of the bypass tray. Those should tell you what side and orientation of the paper is going to be used for printing.

This is an example where blank paper is put into a bypass tray.



 Step 3: Print Like Normal With Your ID

Once you've placed the paper inside of the tray, leave it open. Do not try and close the tray with the paper inside. Now, you can use the Follow You Printing as you normally would to print your documents. Don't forget to grab any extra paper before you leave, and close the tray so it's not accidentally damaged.