Various Follow You Printing errors.

Cannot connect to Follow You Printing.

Error in Printer Setup.

Print jobs not appearing on Follow You Printers.


Drivers not working properly or have not been updated. The solution below will guide through how to reinstall these drivers.


  1. Make sure before attempting these steps that you are on the MSOE or MSOEcert wireless network
  2. Open the start menu by clicking the Windows icon in the left corner of the screen or pressing the Windows key on your keyboard
  3. Type 'Printers & Scanners' and hit enter.
  4. Select each printer that is called 'Follow-You-Printing' and remove it
  5. You should now only have a few printers, none of them labeled 'Follow-You-Printing'
  6. Open the start menu, type 'run', and press enter.  In the dialog, enter printui /s /t2
  7. In the dialog that opens, find the driver that includes the name 'Konica', select it, and click 'Remove'.
  8. Select 'Remove driver and driver package' and click 'OK'
  9. Open your start menu once again and type 'Command Prompt' or 'cmd.exe' and press enter
  10. While in the Command Prompt window, type 'gpupdate' then press enter. This command will take around 30 seconds or less to complete.

    1. If these messages do not appear or it otherwise fails, attempt the command 'gpupdate /force'
    2. If these still do not appear, contact the Help Desk directly.
  11. Once these messages appear, restart your computer

Verify the Fix:

  1. Attempt to print any file or document that you need printed
  2. Make sure there is no 'Failed to connect' or similar message showing failure on the computer's side
  3. Head to the closest Follow You Printer location
  4. Attempt to print from the printer using your school ID
  5. If the documents still do not show up, contact the Help Desk for further assistance